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We are derived from a group of financial professionals that want consumers to have an educational gateway to their needs.  It has been truly frustrating seeing the information that is out there on the web and the misconceptions that follow.  We are not here to bait you with “250,000.00 of coverage for $13.00/month”.  We are here to find out what your needs and concerns are and make proper coverage recommendations that suite those needs.  Our groups of financial professionals are able to meet in person or conduct business in a manner in which you are most comfortable.  Give us a chance today by filling out our information card.  A professional will be in contact with you.
DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with any one insurance company or financial institution.  However, we have access to many products in the marketplace that could potentially suite your needs.  We only work with A rated companies and better.




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Wealth is not about how much money you can make. Wealth is about how much money you can save. Acquiring healthy assets and investing properly is what will generate wealth. Let's begin today by creating good habits, let's build wealth together and not only prepare for the future, but create a bright one.

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Most people are under the impression that simple work benefits are enough to sustain their family’s lifestyle should one pass away or become disabled.  The truth of the matter is that 90% of American households are under-insured in one way or another.  There are several factors you should consider when determining if you have enough coverage.  Could my family live on 60% of my income if I were disabled?  What do I want to see happen if I pass away prematurely? Things to consider would be: Income (remember, you died, no more income), college planning (do I want my children to have funds set aside for college?), debt, funeral expenses and in more complicated planning estate taxes and legacy could be a concern.  There are many ways to tackle your problems and hedge against an unforeseen catastrophe.  Fill out our form below and someone will contact you to discuss your needs.  At lifeinsuranceandyou.com we feel education and information are the most important factors in determining your own personal plan of action.


Plan for Retirement...


In today’s day and age there are a lot of concerns around retirement.  With 2008 lingering in everyone’s mind, many have sought different avenues of planning for retirement.  At lifeinsuranceandyou.com we like to take a different approach than most traditional financial planners offer.  There are several tax diversifying strategies that are available and a lot will depend on the age in which you start saving for retirement.  As us how we can make the majority of your income tax-free during retirement years (with or without the use of a ROTH IRA).  Fill out the form for a customized plan today.  We do not do fee-based planning.  In addition, if you are looking for educational information in regard to the mechanics of annuities, we can help there as well.


Plan for College


We all know how expensive schooling can be and it seems the more time that passes, the more expensive it gets.  We can assist you in setting up a college saving plan for your children or grand-children.  There are different types of plans you can set up depending on budget and goals.  Fill out the form and one of our professionals will reach out to you.


Long Term Care


It seems this is one of the hottest topics of today!  There are many myths that surround Long Term Care and what will happen if you are in a Long Term Care Situation.  One of the facts that remain is this: There is no greater expensive that will wipe out generations of wealth.  Most people seem to think the government will take care of them and eventually the government will but not until you’re basically out of assets. Get the facts today by filling out our form.

Power of $100


If you are between the ages of 18 and 30, it is essential for you to start building some good savings habits.  Though none of us know the certainty of social security, the questions remains if it will be there for your generation.  At lifeinsuranceandyou.com this is one of the biggest initiatives we have.  We feel it is important to educate your generation on how to save money and derive a solid budget.  It is simply not enough to put $100.00 a month into a savings account, but rather into a different savings mechanism.  Ask us how we can turn $100.00 a month into a tax free stream of income in retirement and create a long-term guaranteed investment.


Guarantee Life Insurance


Seniors and adults of all ages that may have medical ailments that would not otherwise allow for traditional life insurance we have a solution for you.  There are companies that offer guarantee issue policies mainly to cover final expenses upon death.  All companies are different in how these types of policies functions but most carry a 2 year exclusion period.  Get the facts, contact us today.